St Albans (Bexley) TSC




A club had been in existence at St. Albans church hall in Dartford since 1974, the first three years as part of Northfleet Pistol Club.

In 1977 we were taken over as an outpost of Bexleyheath Rifle Club before going independent on the 1st of January 1980. In 1983 the club

became St. Albans (Dartford) All Weapons Club and obtained a Firearms Certificate to cover the use of small bore rifles and pistols and full

bore pistols. This only lasted for 4 years as in December 1987 the Certificate was returned and the club reverted to an air weapons only club

and has remained so ever since. The club had to move from the church hall and relocated to Littlebrook power station social club before

settling at our current range in Bexley in 2003. The club retains it's connection with those early years in Dartford by retaining the reference to

St. Albans in the club name, although we are now formally known as St. Albans (Bexley) Target Shooting Club.


Facilities & Equipment

The club has the use of a hall with adequate space which enables the setting up of either a ten metre range with 8 firing points or

alternatively a range with 2 six yard and 6 ten metre firing points. The firing points are fitted with an, easy to use, automatic card changing

system which is efficiently assembled and dismantled by club members. Two of the firing points can be fitted with automatic turning targets

for duelling competitions. The opening times are from 8pm until 10pm on a Monday and Thursday.   Monday is considered to be the general

club evening with Thursday being used by members taking part in certain competitions. Alongside the main hall the club has the use of a

kitchen area which is used for serving refreshments on most Mondays. The club has available two recently purchased guns of the compressed

air cylinder type, a .177 target pistol and rifle, which can be used for giving initial instruction to new members.



The club is affiliated to the NSRA; the governing body for small bore rifle, air gun and crossbow target shooting in Great Britain. This enables

members to take part in an annual postal competition which culminates in a final at the Bisley Centre. St Albans members have reached the

final stage and won trophies on occasions. External summer and winter league postal competitions for all levels of participants are run

throughout the year. And, proficiency medals are awarded annually to members taking part in internal competitions. As the year draws

towards Christmas members look forward to an annual fun shoot, at alternative targets, and the chance to win prizes.



All members pay an annual membership fee which currently can be paid annually, bi annually or monthly. this covers all range fees.

New members will be given instruction on range etiquette on their first visit including some basic coaching using either their own or club gun.