Artists Books Flight of the Seagull


Book size - 8.5 X6 inches. Prints - Hand printed linocuts and stencil - Text - Lazer printed - Hand bound, cloth cover.

The book can open and display in a three dimensional, concertina style form as well as turning normally page by page.

Signed and numbered limited edition of 10 books produced. ©2006 Graham Smith.

  only 6 now available.

List of Prints      the flight of the seagull      following the steamer      fishing for Herring

the fairground      sailboarding       yacht and gull      dinghy racing       journey to London

arriving in London      above Big Ben     above Tower Bridge     above Canary Wharf

above St. Paul's     back to the coast


Flight of the Seagull Book 2

Japanese style binding - Book Size A4

Edition size 16, No of prints 14

signed and numbered


'For the Love of Making Books'

showing books & prints by 15 artists

has finished at

Salford Museum - Salford

on the 5th April 2009

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